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Launch your career with Georgia-Pacific. Search for jobs that match your passion and your skill sets.
Employees in a meeting
Launch your career with Georgia-Pacific. Search for jobs that match your passion and your skill sets.
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At Georgia-Pacific, we view students as individuals, and we are focused on developing people – not just filling positions. Our culture embraces change and innovation, and encourages employees to leverage their unique set of skills and interests to create value and find fulfillment in their daily work.

Through our University Recruiting process, we hope to open our doors to the next generation of interns and new graduates who are prepared to work hard, have fun, challenge the status quo, and be in the driver’s seat of their own career growth.

Click the button below to view all of our open positions, including entry-level jobs.

View all of our open positions, including entry-level jobs.


Since Engineering is an integral part of GP’s manufacturing operations, we look for engineers who are ready to hit the ground running and have an immediate impact on our business and our millions of customers. As an intern, co-op, or new grad you will have immense ownership over a variety of critical tasks, projects, and tools which will enable you to apply your engineering knowledge from the classroom, learn quickly, and develop professionally as a talented engineer.

Follow a day in the life of Jenna Stallings, a Georgia-Pacific engineer, and learn what she loves about her career.

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Georgia-Pacific offers enriching opportunities for Accounting and Finance interns and new grads in a variety of career functions such as sales & general accounting, tax accounting, internal audit, corporate financial reporting, facility-based cost and inventory analytics, and treasury. Personalized professional guidance through one-on-one mentoring relationships and challenging engagement with projects that span our various business sectors prepare you for a successful and fulfilling career within GP’s financial organization.

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Georgia-Pacific is committed to managing operations and developing, producing, distributing, and marketing products in a manner that protects the environment, as well as the health and safety of employees, customers, contractors, and communities in which we operate. To meet these commitments and continually improve superior performance in all key EHS metrics, we are looking for the best industry talent!

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While GP’s appetite for sales and marketing talent does span several of our business sectors, one of our most structured and enriching early-career opportunities is our JumpStart program, within our GP Professional (GP PRO) business. Interns and new grads who choose to start their sales or marketing careers in GP PRO JumpStart will embark on a unique journey learning about fundamental business skills, sales strategy, and GP products and brands. Through this formalized training program, you will expedite your professional growth and begin your career feeling confident, energized, knowledgeable, and prepared for a successful future with GP.

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Another Sales opportunity within GP is within our GPXpress® business, located in Green Bay, WI. GPXpress® supports the GP PRO Sales team by providing easier, faster, and smarter technology and customer solutions to drive the sales of our products, and to aid the organization in reaching sales goals.

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Georgia-Pacific needs talented IT professionals to assist us in adapting to an age that is driven by technology, and to help us work toward innovative IT solutions which will sustain the future of our business. GP provides a wealth of career opportunities for those looking to apply their Information Technology knowledge in ways that are fun, challenging, and enormously impactful on our long-term success. Interns, co-ops, and new grads gain exposure to a variety of IT applications through the exploration of Data Modeling & Visualization, Web & Mobile solutions, and ERP system capabilities, configuration, customization & analytics.

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It is estimated that at least one of Georgia-Pacific’s consumer products is used in 85% of homes nationwide. Before these brands are welcomed into each household, it takes an experienced team of supply chain professionals to make the process possible. The collaborative team is involved with demand, production and distribution planning; mill and facility operations; transportation contract negotiations and operations; warehousing and logistics operations; strategic sourcing; procurement and more.

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Georgia-Pacific is a company where every idea pitched, every decision made, every product developed, and every dollar earned is inspired by our culture and management philosophy, Market-Based Management (MBM®). With a culture-centric approach to how we operate and do business daily, GP understands the value proposition of a highly-talented, knowledgeable, insightful, and innovative Human Resources team: the keepers of company culture

At Georgia-Pacific, HR interns and new grads will discover what it means to be an HR Business Partner – to own projects, interact with executive business leaders, and develop intimate knowledge of HR policies and processes.

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