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As one of four world-class wood pulp mills and one cotton linter mill in the Georgia-Pacific Cellulose business, Foley Cellulose produces specialty and fluff pulp that is delivered worldwide to customers for a variety of high-end uses and converting technologies. Our fibers are found in products that people around the world use in everyday life, including clothing, tires, shampoo, diapers, filters and towels.

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The Foley Cellulose mill, near Perry, Florida, is a major producer of specialty fibers from predominantly slash pine. Constructed by Procter & Gamble in 1954, the facility was acquired by a private business partnership in 1993 when P&G sold its Cellulose and Specialties Division. The partnership evolved into a publicly traded company, Buckeye Technologies, Inc., in November 1995, before finally being acquired by Georgia-Pacific in the summer of 2013.

The Georgia-Pacific Foley Cellulose Mill is a major producer of specialty fibers derived from slash pine trees. Our cellulose fibers are found in products that people around the world use in everyday life, including: clothing, food products, tires, shampoo, diapers, filters, and towels.

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Chemical Cellulose:  These special fibers are used to provide strength, purity, viscosity and stability to many products, including: food casings, industrial rayon cord, thickeners, coatings


Customized Fibers:   Products that perform better thanks to our customized fibers include:filters, tires, concrete  

Fluff Pulp:  Greater absorbency and precise fluid management are realized by the addition of these absorbent fibers to: disposable diapers, feminine hygiene products, adult incontinence products, baby wipes and tabletop items 

At Foley Cellulose, we believe that we have a responsibility to create value for our customers and for the communities where our employees live and work. Through charitable contributions from our Georgia-Pacific Foundation, we seek to address issues which improve the quality of life by focusing on priorities in these areas: Education, Entrepreneurship, Environment, and Enrichment.

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Here are some organizations that contribute to the quality of life in Taylor County and benefit from Georgia-Pacific's involvement:

  • American  Red Cross           
  • Boy Scouts of Taylor County          
  • Boys & Girls Club of North Central Florida          
  • District School Board of Taylor County    
  • Doctors Memorial Hospital Foundation    
  • Friends of the Taylor County Public Library        
  • Girls Scouts Taylor, Madison, Jefferson and Lafayette County   
  • North Florida Community College Foundation    
  • Refuge House           
  • Taylor County 4-H Foundation      
  • Taylor County Education Foundation       
  • Taylor County Leadership Council
  • Taylor County Veterans Memorial Park   
  • Taylor Senior Citizens Center         
  • United Way of the Big Bend
  • Voices of the Children of the Suwannee Valley
  • City of Perry Fire Department — GP Bucket Brigade™ recipient

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Foley Cellulose is committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship through every stage of our business to produce products used to improve consumer health, hygiene and well-being. By using environmentally conscious production practices, we maximize the use of renewable raw materials. While adhering to sustainable fiber procurement practices, we can ensure the viability of our environment for future generations.

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The Fenholloway Water Quality Project will complete significant process improvements and upgrades that will enhance wastewater treatment system at Foley Cellulose within the next five to seven years, and relocate the treated effluent away from the existing discharge point to approximately 1.5 miles from the mouth of the Fenholloway.  The water quality improvements that will result from this project will move the Fenholloway River system to Class III standards, acceptable for recreational uses.

For more information on the Fenholloway Water Quality Project, go to