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Enjoying the Wonder of Trees All Year Long

Enjoying the Wonder of Trees All Year Long

ATLANTA, GA.  Updated Fri December 21, 2012

Enjoying the Wonder of Trees All Year Long

This time of year, Christmas trees are beloved symbols that help usher in the holiday spirit, but for Georgia-Pacific, trees are special all year long.   Enjoying the Wonder of Trees All Year LongAlthough we don’t own trees at Georgia-Pacific, we rely on wood and wood fiber to make the paper and building products that consumers want and need, so naturally, we believe it’s important to practice sustainable forestry.

But what does sustainable forestry really mean? It’s about managing forests today so that there will be abundant, healthy, diverse forests for future generations to use and enjoy. Georgia-Pacific practices, promotes and supports sustainable forestry in many ways.


Think of sustainable forestry as the trunk of a tree and our four main practice areas as the branches:

  • We monitor and evaluate forest resources where we operate to ensure good forest health, and engage in promoting best management practices around water quality, reforestation and logger training
  • We take steps to provide assurance to our customers that we are responsibly sourcing wood and fiber for our pulp, paper and wood products operations, including certification of our sourcing practices
  • We are taking a scientific approach to identifying and mapping endangered forests around our facilities to ensure we do not buy wood from those areas and protect forest diversity
  • We share knowledge and information with landowners and others in the forestry and environmental community


If we take care of our forests, the forests will take care of us in the long-run. At Georgia-Pacific sustainability is, well, second-nature…this time of year and always.


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