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Listening + Learning = Supporting Environmental Education

Listening + Learning = Supporting Environmental Education

ATLANTA, GA.  Updated Fri January 4, 2013

Listening + Learning = Supporting Environmental Education
At Georgia-Pacific, we believe education and caring for the environment are two important factors for the long-term sustainability of every community. When we recently decided to host a series of conversations about bringing these two elements together, our aim was to not only contribute to the conversation, but also to listen. Listening helps us learn more and find ways Georgia-Pacific can be a community resource.


Listening + Learning = Supporting Environmental Education We had this in mind when we decided on the theme of our next expert panel conversation: how businesses can support environmental education. Anna Hackman, sustainability consultant and editor of Green Talk, was again our moderator and we brought several perspectives to the table, including: Dr. Brian Davis, Vice President of Education and Training, Georgia Aquarium; Daniel Strauss, Nature Conservancy LEAF program; Colleen Ryan, 8th grade math teacher and Keystone Center participant; Vicki Davis, technology teacher for grades 8-12 and editor of Cool Cat Teacher Blog, and Teresa Walsh, public affairs manager for Georgia-Pacific’s Crossett, Arkansas, facility.

As Anna recaps, an important central theme emerged - it will take a community-wide partnership among teachers, non-profits and businesses to teach our children about conservation and sustainability. Click here to listen to the full discussion.

So, whether it’s participating in Twitter chats with new teachers, convening a panel of experts, or providing resources on our Educational in Nature® site, one of our goals in 2013 is to listen and engage even more when it comes to environmental education.

We hope you tune in!


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