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Celebrating Citizenry

Celebrating Citizenry

ATLANTA, GA. Updated Mon February 18, 2013

Celebrating Citizenry
Originally established in 1879 to recognize George Washington’s birthday, President’s Day, as it was later named, was the first federal holiday to honor an American citizen. More than 200 years later, Washington’s legacy still continues to symbolize leadership, liberty and citizenship. In this spirit of civic responsibility, Georgia-Pacific recently had the opportunity to support a program that helps young students better understand what it means to be a great American.

Celebrating Citizenry  We partnered with The Liberty Learning Foundation, an organization that not only teaches students American citizenship, but actively engages them and makes concepts exciting to learn. The Liberty Learning Foundation’s Super Citizen school program teaches character-building, financial literacy and career development across the curriculum through the lens of great American ideals and civic responsibility.

A natural recipient for this support was M. Agnes Jones Elementary, an Atlanta-area school with which GP has had a strong relationship for more than 15 years. GP donated 19 Super Citizens resource kits, reaching 475 third, fourth and fifth-grade students.

Fourth-grade teacher Ann Carroll Hill said, “The books in the kit were terrific additions to our library. We read every one of them! As we say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, there seems to be more respect for the flag, what they’re saying and the meaning behind it.”

Education has always been a focus for GP and we’re always looking for ways we can help supplement classroom learning to provide students with extra enrichment opportunities.

“The children learned valuable lessons about patriotism and everyday heroes. They learned that you don’t have to be famous to be a hero, and heroic acts happen daily by everyday people like them,” said Hill.

Curley Dossman, GP’s vice president of Community Affairs and president of the Georgia-Pacific Foundation added, “We see this program as an investment in future generations; most of these students have never been outside their city or state. In addition to the academics, it’s important to expose them to positive messages which are important to their future growth.” 


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