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Georgia Pacific Centers New Building

Georgia-Pacific Center's Building Lights Slash Energy Use

ATLANTA, GA. Updated Tue July 2, 2013

Georgia Pacific Centers New Building

Fireworks won’t be the only thing lighting up Atlanta's skyline this Fourth of July holiday.

The Georgia-Pacific Center, an iconic 52-story tower that has been part of Atlanta's cityscape for nearly 30 years, will once again brighten the night sky. At sunset on Tuesday, July 2, new exterior lights on the east-facing, stair-stepped side will illuminate the building’s profile.

Georgia Pacific Centers New BuildingFor more than seven years, the tower's exterior lights have remained off due to their energy inefficiency. However, the newly installed lighting will dramatically cut energy consumption by 75 percent. Running the new 67 LED lights will also slash costs from $55 a day to $14 a day.

The costs are even lower when factoring in that the new, 205-watt LED bulbs are much longer lasting than the previous 1,000-watt and 400-watt bulbs.

This energy savings is just one of the many things the Georgia-Pacific Center is doing to accomplish its goal to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent by 2020 through its participation in the Central Atlanta Progress’ Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge.

Home to Georgia-Pacific's company headquarters, the center was also recognized for its efficiency efforts when it received LEED® Silver Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Click on this Infographic to download facts on the building's energy efficiencies and to download a photo of the new night lights.


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