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GP Harmon Recycling

When being a "flake" is a good thing...

Updated Mon March 31, 2014

GP Harmon Recycling

Many of us might not think twice about tossing empty or expired pill bottles in the trash. But, did you know these bottles can be recycled instead?

Christian_Fischer_ThumbIn fact, our GP Harmon Recycling plastics facility in Elizabethton, Tenn., estimates recycling 12-25 million pounds of plastics just from bottle caps and pharmaceutical pill bottles alone.

Pill bottles and caps are brought into our facility where they are sorted, separated by density and inventoried. The plastic is ultimately shredded to a material called “flake” that can be converted into multiple uses.

These recycled plastics can be used in just about anything from flower pots to automotive parts and saves millions of pounds of waste from going into landfills.

Check out our new video which gives a look inside GP Harmon Recycling’s first plastics recycling operation. 


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