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Springing Forward Sustainable Forestry

Updated Mon March 17, 2014

Spring is here and it’s a time of year when we long for all things green and in-bloom. But, it doesn’t have to be spring for us to talk about our favorite piece of nature – the forest.

We recently created a new video and microsite so that our customers and the community can be more aware of the family forest landowners and Georgia-Pacific’s practices and passion for sustainable forestry. For our products, the life-cycle begins with choosing where we purchase our wood fiber.

In the video, a significant aspect of our sustainable forestry platform is told through the voice of the Allen family. The story shows the family's century-old commitment to protecting their private forestland in Cromwell, Ala.

Whether it is for our tissue, towel, packaging or building products, it all begins in these responsibly managed private forestlands, often like the Allen's. Although, some of these forestlands may not be certified, the U.S.’s free-market economy, strong laws and private landowners’ commitment to good forest management ensures that there will be forests for generations to come.

Here’s one interesting fact of sustainable forest management to consider: there are more U.S. forestlands today than there were 100 years ago, even considering an increase in population.

Check out the microsite here for more industry facts about the structure of U.S. forestlands, including ownership and certification.


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