Company / News Room / 2014 / 05 / Arkansas Dixie Facility Has New $40 Million Project on Its Plate
Fort Smith

Arkansas Dixie Facility Has New $40 Million Project on Its Plate

Updated Fri May 30, 2014

Fort Smith

Our Dixie® facility in Fort Smith, Arkansas, has a new project on its plate. We’re excited to announce a $40 million investment in new technology and equipment that will expand our plate manufacturing capability. Construction is in progress, and the new line is expected to start up in 2015.

We’ve already invested more than $30 million since 2012, and this latest project will further modernize the plant and improve its long-term competitiveness in plate manufacturing while meeting the growing demands of our consumers and customers.

The investment at Fort Smith is part of more than $100 million of planned investments at other Georgia-Pacific facilities in Arkansas in 2014. It also is the latest in a long history of investments in the state by Georgia-Pacific and other Koch companies. When the expansion is completed, the Fort Smith plant is expected to employ more than 350 people. In Arkansas, our facilities employ more than 2,400 people with total annual compensation and benefits of approximately $179 million.


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