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21st Century Classroom

Brains Loading…New Tech Tools Connect Students with Success

Updated Wed July 23, 2014

21st Century Classroom

Brains loading…please wait. That’s the sign that hangs up in one Choctaw County High School classroom in Butler, Alabama. The good news is that these high school students no longer have to wait for technology after a $20,000 donation from our local Georgia-Pacific Naheola Mill.

The donation to the Choctaw County High was a no-brainer – technology is imperative to engaging students in the learning process and preparing them for success. We wanted to help close the technology skills gap in southwest Alabama by putting the right digital tools into the hands of local teachers and students.

Brandi Clark, an English teacher at Choctaw County High said, “I believe technology is the future of education. We’ve got to meet students where they are now; we’ve got to meet the world where it is now. We’re preparing them to lead us, so if we don’t conform to the way our world is, we won’t be preparing them.”

At Georgia-Pacific, we believe that education is an essential building block for a sustainable community and an area we feel strongly about supporting. Such support is especially important in Alabama, considering the significant financial constraints the school systems face.

Kelvin J. Hill, vice president of operations at our Naheola Mill sums it up: “Providing the funding for this 21st century classroom is among the many ways we leverage knowledge to support educational and workforce development issues that help to create long-term value in our community.”

Click on the video to see how Choctaw County High School benefited from their 21st Century classroom.


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