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Water Ways

4th Graders Learn the Wonders of Water and More at 6th Annual Water Ways Festival

By: Teresa Walsh, Georgia-Pacific public affairs manager, Crossett, Arkansas

Updated Wed July 23, 2014

Water Ways

Every spring, our Crossett, Arkansas facility invites local elementary school students for a hands-on day to get in-the-know about H2O. We created the Georgia-Pacific Water Ways Festival to give students a fun, outdoor classroom experience where they learn about the importance of water and the environment. More importantly, we want to help teach them how to be more responsible water consumers in the future.

This year we hosted the festival at Crossett City Park, where Georgia-Pacific employees and over a dozen other experts set up learning stations throughout the park for students to participate in several sensory experiences. From dipping screens into pulp and water for papermaking, building a butterfly garden, to learning why ‘Georgia the camel’ has three eyelids and can drink up to 30 gallons of water in just 10 minutes, students soaked in the activities.

Bessie Dawson, 4th grade math teacher at Anderson Elementary School, told me her students eagerly learned more about the value of water, trees and protecting the environment. That’s the best outcome we can hope for and why we’ve hosted the festival for the last six years.

The collaboration with our local community partners is key to help making Water Ways such a great success. This year we had help from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Boy Scouts of America DeSoto Council, Crossett Centennial Garden Club, Crossett Fire Department, Crossett Rescue Unit and the Crossett Zoo.

Watch the video above to see how Anderson Elementary School students gained a newfound appreciation for H2O!


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