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Wildlife Habitat Council

Manufacturing and Mother Nature: Protecting Wildlife At Work

Updated Tue December 9, 2014

Wildlife Habitat Council

Four peregrine chicks hatched at Georgia-Pacific’s Green Bay Broadway facility.  Named Jace, Horos, Carson and Cofrin by employees, they pose for a “family picture.” 

An industrial manufacturing site in an urban setting might not be the first place you would picture a menagerie of wildlife, but for our paper mill in Green Bay, Wisconsin, nature is flourishing. Their wildlife management program recently earned them a “Wildlife at Work” certification by the Wildlife Habitat Council.

It was an inadvertent discovery of interlopers that kicked off the mill’s wildlife preservation efforts. It all started in the summer of 2008 when employees found a pair of endangered peregrine falcons nesting on an abandoned silo on the verge of demolition. Employees decided to build a nest box to provide a proper breeding location, and since then, the birds have averaged three chicks per year.

"Wildlife at Work" is a voluntary program that provides a structure for corporate-driven efforts to create, conserve and restore wildlife habitats on corporate lands. The mill has continued working on other projects including improving habitats and creating nesting opportunities for other species, such as bluebirds and warblers. 

In addition to the many successful years as a nesting site for peregrine falcons, the certification entailed establishing a successful employee-led bluebird nesting program and building berms for planting that border the Fox River.

As part of this certification, the mill has committed to several upcoming improvement projects such as creating pollinator and butterfly gardens and locating additional nesting opportunities for raptors, song birds and waterfowl. Approximately 12 acres of the mill’s property is being slated for enhancements to wildlife habitats.

It’s our goal to always be a good steward to wildlife on all of our properties. In fact, Green Bay joins four other Georgia-Pacific facilities that have earned certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council over the years, including:  Big Island, Virginia; Monticello, Mississippi; New Augusta, Mississippi; and Rincon, Georgia. Watch our video to see more.


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