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Beehler Bird Migration

100 Day Songbird Search Nearing End

ATLANTA, GA Updated Mon June 29, 2015

Beehler Bird Migration

A prothonotary warbler is one of the many songbirds that migrate north in the spring.

Dr. Bruce Beehler, ornithologist at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, recently made a stop at our Monticello containerboard mill as part of a 100-day trip up the Mississippi River Valley to follow the spring migration of billions of songbirds.

Georgia-Pacific and American Bird Conservancy are sponsors of Beehler’s trek from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great North Woods of Canada.

Beehler says of his journey, “I hope that by documenting this adventure through frequent blog posts and eventually a book, I can help even more people understand the wondrous dynamic that unfolds annually in the backyards of millions of us living in the Americas.”

By the end of his trip on July 5, Beehler will have made stops at more than 30 special natural sites in 12 states along the Mississippi River. In addition to Monticello, Mississippi, his visits included two other Georgia-Pacific facility sites in Port Hudson, Louisiana, and Crossett, Arkansas. Among the many topics he learned about included our wildlife conservation efforts, as well as our endangered forest mapping initiative.

Watch as Beehler tours Monticello’s certified “Wildlife At Work” habitat, which includes 1,600 acres of actively managed land made up of a bottomland hardwood forest, wetlands and an open meadow and forest along the Pearl River.


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