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Brawny is Bigger and Better Than Ever

Updated Tue September 22, 2015


Even the most classic icons need an update once in a while, and the Brawny Man® has undergone a makeover that perfectly captures his “take care of business” personality.

Brawny® paper towels is going back to its roots, bringing back the timeless, larger-than-life lumberjack in a new “Stay Giant™” national consumer campaign. The look embodies the strength and resilience of the Brawny® brand.

The new packaging also features a touch of mystery. The Brawny Man is so giant you’ll only see part of his face, but not to worry – he’s fully there to help give people a little muscle for their messes.

For more than 40 years, The Brawny Man has been the ultimate symbol for rolling up your sleeves and having the confidence to get the tough jobs done. 

Check out one of the new ads here and visit the Brawny website for a product coupon!


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