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Georgia-Pacific Foundation: Andrew Young Film Shows the Making of Modern Atlanta

Andrew Young Film Shows the Making of Modern Atlanta

Updated Fri January 1, 2016

Georgia-Pacific Foundation: Andrew Young Film Shows the Making of Modern Atlanta
Andrew Young, a former United Nations Ambassador and U.S. Congressman, is revered for his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. But many are unaware of how he, along with other influential leaders, helped transform the city of Atlanta into a political, cultural and economic model for other American cities to follow. Now, a new documentary – “Andrew Young’s Making of Modern Atlanta” – helps tell that story through the lessons and experiences of trail blazers like Ambassador Young and many dedicated civic and government leaders and citizens.

Celebrating what is referred to as the “Atlanta Way,” Ambassador Young’s daughter, Andrea Young, and the Andrew J. Young Foundation, with support from organizations like Georgia-Pacific, created the new documentary to show how “The City Too Busy To Hate” became the international standard it is today. “Andrew Young’s Making of Modern Atlanta” captures Atlanta’s growth from a small, provincial Deep South railroad town into an international city and global affairs influencer. At a time when racial violence was common across the South, Atlanta helped set the bar for cross-racial cooperation that inspired a nation, and the world.

Told through Ambassador Young’s personal perspective, the film highlights many of the key players in the city’s development during last half century, including William Hartsfield, Ivan Allen and Maynard H. Jackson, and features interviews with influential leaders who look back at the policies and efforts that helped shape the “Atlanta Way.”

When talking about her father’s legacy, Ms. Young said “[He] had what was called a ‘fairness formula,’ where growth had to be inclusive, where a coalition had to work together for the growth of the city. My father was strategic. It was not about quick results.”

To learn more about Atlanta’s path to prosperity, tune in to “Andrew Young’s Making of Modern Atlanta” documentary on Georgia Public Broadcasting TV which premiered on Jan. 7 and will air again on Jan. 14 at 8 p.m. ET, or watch the trailer at


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