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GP Honors Teacher Heroes, Donates Classroom Supplies

Updated Wed March 30, 2016


Tricia Hoffarth, literacy facilitator at Eisenhower Elementary School, was honored as a teacher hero at a super-hero themed assembly (top row, third from left). 

Did you know that many teachers spend upwards of $500 out of their own pockets to restock their classrooms with basic supplies throughout the year? Georgia-Pacific learned this through its partnership with The Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) and recently organized events in local markets to honor “teacher heroes.” KINF is dedicated to providing children with school supplies, but it’s not just the kids that benefit. It’s the teachers, too.

These events were hosted near our Port Hudson Mill in Louisiana, Camas Mill in Washington, and our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Each school nominated a “teacher hero” and we honored them at a school assembly by donating supplies to the school in that teacher’s name. The donations included pencils, erasers, pencil pouches and over 5,000 reams of copy paper.

“We wanted to recognize those teachers that go above and beyond for their students,” said Taylor Bandzul, Product Marketing Manager. “When school supplies start running low, it’s often the teachers who have to spend their own money to purchase things like paper.”

According to Principal Jennifer Blechschmidt of Eisenhower Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington, Georgia-Pacific’s paper donation will supply 10 months of classroom paper and save more than $6,000 in the school’s budget. Copy paper is consistently the most requested item from teachers shopping KINF's national network of Resource Centers.

Georgia-Pacific Communication Papers is the very first National Paper Sponsor of KINF and will continue to help teachers and students get the classroom basics with more events during the back-to-school season this fall.

Learn more about Georgia-Pacific’s partnership with the Kids In Need Foundation here:


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