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Corrigan-Camden, Texas New Scoreboard

Lighting Up Friday Nights

CORRIGAN-CAMDEN, TEXAS Updated Tue April 26, 2016

Corrigan-Camden, Texas New Scoreboard
School Superintendent Sherry Hughes (far left), Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Seven Armstrong (far right) and members of the Corrigan-Camden football team, cheerleading squad and GP family members, stand with the new Corrigan-Camden Football Stadium scoreboard.

There’s a saying in Corrigan-Camden, Texas, that hints at the deep pride and support fans hold for the Corrigan-Camden Bulldogs, the local high school football team. When the Bulldogs have an away game it’s common to hear, “Last one out of town, turn off the lights,” as it’s widely known that the entire community, including Georgia-Pacific employees who are also school parents, will be on their way to the football game no matter where they play. 

When the lights are “on” and the Bulldogs have home field advantage, fans now see a top-of-the-line scoreboard thanks to a recent donation by GP. Three local GP facilities – Camden Plywood, Corrigan Plywood and Camden Lumber – came together last fall to purchase the new $35,000 scoreboard for the Corrigan-Camden Football Stadium, a much needed upgrade from the aging board that stood previously, which had missing light bulbs and peeling paint. 

“High School football is a huge tradition in Texas. It’s what Friday nights are all about. We still remember our state championships (in 1988 and 2002) with great pride, and supporting our local high school team really brings our community together,” says Cathey Page, GP Human Resources Manager in the Corrigan-Camden area. “When we had the chance to help purchase this new scoreboard for the football stadium, we immediately knew it was a great way to show our loyalty and spirit for this community.” 

Georgia-Pacific will not only be supporting the Bulldogs from the 3,000-seat Corrigan-Camden Stadium stands, but also now from the field. The new scoreboard will feature the GP logo for up to 12 years, as long as it remains in place.


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