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50 Students Make The Grade, Earn College Scholarships

Updated Wed June 22, 2016


Scholarship winners from the Atlanta area attend a reception in their honor.

Being a high school student can hold a ton of pressure: from trying to fit in, making the perfect grades and stressing over getting into that dream college . . . all the while believing “parents just don’t understand.” Inevitably, most of us realize that parents do, in fact, know a thing or two. And more importantly, they help us along our journeys in infinite ways and help us become exceptional people.

For the 50 children of our employees who’ve recently won Georgia-Pacific scholarships for college, the epiphany that parents do understand may come sooner. This year we are again honoring an outstanding and diverse group of young students. Each recipient will be awarded a total of $8,000 for up to four years of full-time undergraduate study. 

Since 1988, the Georgia-Pacific Foundation Scholarship Program has recognized academic excellence and achievement inside and outside the classroom by awarding 1,450 scholarships totaling $11.8 million . 

This year, we are honored to recognize these deserving students from all around the country. They have displayed a standard of high work and perseverance – with the help of dedicated parents that happen to be Georgia-Pacific employees. 

These students are not only gifted academically, but they possess an array of amazing talents. Whether its athletics, music, engineering, or volunteerism – these kids do it all. 

We are all very excited to see what amazing feats they will tackle in the future!


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