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Angel Soft Celebrates Father’s Day with a Long-Distance Dad

Updated Fri June 17, 2016


Parenting is about sacrifice. From small choices – think minivan over sports car – to heart-wrenching decisions, like military parents spending months away from their children, raising kids requires caregivers to constantly give of themselves. That’s why the Angel Soft “Be Soft. Be Strong.” campaign is celebrating Father’s Day by highlighting one dad’s sacrifice.

Long-distance dad Mel Rayos is an American immigrant who works three jobs so he can support his eight children back home in the Philippines. Mel is a widower, and the sacrifices he’s making will help ensure his children have a better future. This is something all parents can relate to. 

Mel’s story is the latest installment in Angel Soft’s mission to celebrate different families who have to be both soft and strong to handle life’s challenges. 

Happy Father’s Day, Mel, and to all our soft and strong dads out there!


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