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Quilted Northern Makes National Toilet Paper Day Less Forgettable

Updated Fri August 26, 2016


With no parades, presents or days off from work, National Toilet Paper Day on August 26 can easily be considered the most forgettable holiday of the year.

Quilted Northern®, the brand behind the Designed to be Forgotten® campaign and forgettable bathroom experiences, is looking to make National Toilet Paper Day a memorable holiday this year. On August 26, Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Bath Tissue will be Amazon’s Deal of the Day. In addition to saving up to 30 percent, shoppers can save up to 15 percent more when they subscribe to recurring deliveries of eligible Quilted Northern products with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program.

The least we could do on this “cheeky” holiday is have a little fun and offer every American a memorable deal that helps them forget National Toilet Paper Day, and the process of ever having to buy toilet paper again!


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