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Executive Message


What makes a company sustainable? It’s a critical question that businesses struggle with every day. At Georgia-Pacific, we believe creating real value for our customers, consumers and society makes us sustainable. We create value by considering the three dimensions of sustainability – social, environmental and economic – as we make our business decisions.

True signs of a sustainable company are a long history of providing valuable products and services to customers, having integrity, being a valued member of the communities in which it operates, using resources efficiently to create valuable products and services, and being profitable. By those measures and others, we believe Georgia-Pacific is a sustainable company.

In recent years, we have made significant improvements in our energy management; instituted changes in product design and manufacturing that conserve resources and provide added benefit to our customers; and made investments in our operations that benefit our employees, customers and communities.

We will always have work to do if we’re going to continue to be sustainable. Some of our current priorities include:

  • Further improving energy management to achieve our energy goal
  • Implementing sustainability standards for suppliers
  • Addressing customer and community interest in what happens to our products after they’ve served their purpose
  • Participating in initiatives to define and improve product sustainability
  • Conserving the resources we need to make our pulp, paper and building products

We know there’s no short cut to sustainability. It takes time to find the right balance among all three sustainability dimensions as we make daily business decisions . . . and there are always trade-offs. We can rarely maximize the benefit in all three dimensions, but we’re committed to understanding the facts and actively engaging in efforts to help ensure we are making sustainable decisions.

Georgia-Pacific strives to be a company that provides innovative products, services and processes; uses resources economically; provides a safe and engaging workplace; thoughtfully pursues solutions that our customers and consumers value; and contributes positively to the quality of life in our communities. This is the type of sustainability we want to practice . . . every day, in everything we do.

Jim Hannan
Chief Executive Officer and President

Bill Frerking
Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer

Key Accomplishments

  • The American Forest & Paper Association presented Georgia-Pacific with the 2013 Leadership in Sustainability Water Award.  

  • Georgia-Pacific is ranked first in Standard & Poor’s 2013 Global Forest Products Companies Index for credit quality and outlook for the second year in a row.

  • Georgia-Pacific's CEO was one of nine business leaders recognized by the National Safety Council with its "CEOs Who 'Get It'" award for world-class safety programs. MORE ››