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The Three Dimensions of Sustainability

Georgia-Pacific believes sustainability has three dimensions – social, environmental and economic. In making business decisions, we try to find the right balance among these dimensions and achieve the following outcomes:

The Three Dimensions

Sustainability - Social Dimension
  • Make products that improve people’s lives.
  • Support the communities in which we live and  work.
  • Maintain quality work environments.
  • Source materials responsibly.
Sustainability - Environmental Dimension
Environmental Dimension
  • Use resources wisely.
  • Comply with laws.
  • Minimize our facilities’ impact by operating safely, responsibly and  efficiently.
  • Reduce the adverse impact of our products in use.
Sustainability - Economic Dimension
Economic Dimension
  • Be profitable.
  • Manage the costs to customers and consumers to use our products.
  • Make products that people want.
  • Support our communities by buying local goods and services, paying taxes and participating in local activities.