April 2015 Issue of Georgia-Pacific At Work

Where Innovation & Funding Meet: The Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit

We partnered with our parent company Koch Industries to host the Summit's Small Business Awards Luncheon, which honored some of the best and brightest in small business.

Where Innovation and Funding Meet


Criminal Justice: Stronger Reforms, Stronger Communities

Recently, we hosted a powerful panel discussion on criminal justice reform by the Charles Koch Institute at our headquarters in Atlanta. The seminar, From State in Crisis to Reform Leader, shed light on how resourcefulness, passion, bipartisan support and the willingness to give individuals a second chance can be used not only to reform, but also transform the criminal justice system.


[Life] Lessons in Quilting

"Ebullient," "Eye-poppingly gorgeous," "The most miraculous works of modern art" – these are just some of the words used by art critic Michael Kimmelman of The New York Times when describing the hand-stitched quilts from the Women of Gee's Bend, an African-American hamlet located in Gee's Bend, Alabama, an area with a history of economic struggles and isolation.


Endgame: Academic Success in Memphis!

Bobby Fischer, the American chess prodigy, once said, "You have to have the fighting spirit. You have to force moves and take chances." And through an unconventional program at Douglass K-8 Optional School in Memphis, Tennessee, students are certainly taking chances and defying the odds.



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