Spring 2016 Issue of Georgia-Pacific At Work

GP Hosts Special Screening of "Race"

To honor the legacy of Jesse Owens, we partnered with Focus Features to host an exclusive screening of "Race" in downtown Atlanta followed by a dialogue about courage and change.



Lighting Up Friday Nights

There’s a saying in Corrigan-Camden, Texas, that hints at the deep pride and support fans hold for the Corrigan-Camden Bulldogs, the local high school football team. When the Bulldogs have an away game it’s common to hear, “Last one out of town, turn off the lights,” as it’s widely known that the entire community, including Georgia-Pacific employees who are also school parents, will be on their way to the football game no matter where they play.


Brawny® Video Series Shows Strength Has No Gender

Women are strong, tough and have had enough...of gender stereotypes, that is! The Brawny® brand is spotlighting women who aren’t afraid to overcome adversity via its #StrengthHasNoGender initiative in conjunction with International Women’s Day.


The GP pulp and paper mill in Toledo, OH gave $5,000 to the Michael Gibbons Yaquina River Museum of Art.

Dubbed the “Super Bowl” of fishing tournaments, Bassmaster Elitetook place in March in Palatka, FL on the St. Johns River. The annual event was supported in part by a $15,000 donation from GP’s Palatka plant.

In Arkansas, we donated paper products and meals to help thousands of people affected by heavy flooding in the state – many of whom were displaced from their homes. The donation was made through the Multi-Ministry Building in Crossett, which provided relief services to flood victims.

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