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Georgia‐Pacific is one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of building products, tissue, packaging, paper, cellulose and related chemicals. The company's brands include Brawny® paper towels, Angel Soft® and Quilted Northern® bath tissue, Dixie® tabletop products and more. Georgia‐Pacific is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc., one of the largest private companies in America according to Forbes magazine.

Be more than a number

Choosing the right place to start a successful accounting or finance career is challenging. While some opportunities can leave you lost in the shuffle, others offer limited experience and potential. Georgia‐Pacific, LLC stands apart, providing a combination of diverse roles, abundant resources, personalized training and development, and a work/life balance that encourages less burnout and greater satisfaction. The company’s Market‐Based Management (MBM®) business philosophy empowers every employee to demonstrate ownership and challenge the status quo to create greater value and professional advancement

Don't just take our word for it...

Matt | Mississippi State University
“My internship at GP was a great opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a manufacturing organization. I learned a ton about how the products we use every day are made, and the role that the accounting organization plays in those processes. Since I started at Georgia‐Pacific as a full time employee, I have had many different opportunities to continue learning and to apply my knowledge in ways that contribute to the company. I also feel that I have been surrounded by talented people who are committed to helping me succeed.”

Amber Arthur| Auburn University
“My internship last summer with the treasury team was nothing less than amazing. Everyone with whom I came in contact helped me to not only grow my technical skills, but also grow professionally. The hands‐on experience that I received allowed me to return back to school my senior year, ready to put what I learned into practice. What I enjoyed most during the internship program was the networking, both within GP and amongst the other interns. However, being offered a full‐time opportunity at the end of the program triumphs it all. I am still so thankful to be able to start my career with a remarkable company and team.”

Accounting & Finance Internships

The Summer Accounting, Tax, Audit, and Treasury (ATAT) Finance internship program provides opportunities across the nation to gain an in‐depth understanding of accounting and finance responsibilities through real projects and a structured mentoring system. A high percentage of Georgia‐Pacific interns are offered full‐time positions at the conclusion of their internship programs. Start achieving your goals and experience the difference of a global company that personally invests in the longterm development of your knowledge, skills and abilities

Paid participation in this engaging 10‐12 week experience includes:

  • Potential placement at a manufacturing facility for enriching, hands‐on field assignments, or placement at our corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA
  • Meaningful involvement with cross‐functional projects across various business units
  • Exposure to sales and general accounting, corporate and financial reporting, facility‐based cost and inventory accounting, internal audit, tax accounting and treasury
  • Networking socials with accounting and finance intern peers
  • One‐on‐one professional guidance through assigned mentors
  • Direct interaction with business leaders throughout the company
  • Market‐Based Management (MBM®) training
  • Company commitment to work/life balance
  • Need‐based Summer housing options

3.0 minimum GPA is required for consideration

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