2019 Open Enrollment Information

This page was specifically created for the change in medical administrator

A message from Julie Brehm, SVP, Human Resources

Beginning in 2019, we are making a few changes in how we support you and your family’s wellness. With new programs, partners and tools, our objective is to improve employee health while keeping healthcare costs affordable for you and the company. We believe you will notice significant improvements both in our benefits and how you access them.

Anthem replaces UnitedHealthcare as medical administrator

On January 1, 2019, you will begin using the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield network of doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers. Anthem will also process your medical claims. Anthem will provide significant, dedicated resources to support GP employees and their families. This move brings us in line with other Koch companies, which means we can deliver the best pricing for the company and for our employees.

The most significant concern in any transition of a medical plan is will I have to change my doctor. We share that concern, and I’m pleased to tell you that there is a 96 percent network overlap between Anthem and UnitedHealthcare. It’s highly likely you will NOT need to change doctors or other providers. Please review the frequently asked questions we have included for more information on how to confirm your doctor is in the Anthem network.

We will continue offering our Gold, Silver and Bronze medical plans in 2019. Our dental plan remains with Delta Dental, our pharmacy plan remains with CVS Caremark and our vision plan remains with UHC Vision.

GP Wellness program incentives

We will continue to reward you for making healthy choices and achieving health-related goal. But now you can earn TWO incentives for participating and meeting health goals next year:

  1. You will earn up to an extra $600 HSA contribution in 2019.*
  2. You will earn the opportunity to continue paying the lowest possible premiums in 2020. Employees who choose not to participate in our wellness programs will pay more in premiums, starting in 2020. Stay tuned, there will be more info to come.

The most important reasons to participate are to uncover hidden health risks and learn about ways to avoid preventable conditions like heart disease, diabetes or stroke. We will continue to offer Real Appeal, our successful weight management program.

*You are not eligible if you are enrolled in the PPO plan or waive medical coverage.

A new, mobile connection point for your benefits and wellness

As part of our partnership with Anthem, we will roll out a new mobile phone app in 2019 called Engage Wellbeing. It replaces Rally, and it will help you use your benefits more effectively while linking you directly to wellness programs at your local worksite or across the company. You will use Engage Wellbeing to participate in our wellness program, like scheduling your onsite health screening.

In addition, the app will give you (and your dependents over the age of 18):

  • Access to your family’s Anthem ID cards at the touch of a button;
  • Immediate access to information about new benefit offerings;
  • A digital benefits coach that offers helpful nudges that remind you about free preventive care, additional health support or money saving opportunities;
  • Tools like step trackers, challenges, a health assessment and cost transparency.

Please take time to learn more about these improvements to our benefit plans during 2019 Open Enrollment – and thank you for your continued service to Georgia-Pacific.

Snapshot: What 's Changing, What 's Not

Benefit Program 2018 Administrator / Vendor 2019 Administrator / Vendor
Medical Plan Claims UnitedHealthcare Anthem
Dental Claims Delta Dental Delta Dental
Vision Claims UHC Vision UHC Vision
Pharmacy Claims CVS Caremark CVS Caremark;
Telemedicine Virtual Visits LiveHealth Online
Wellness Activity Participation Rally Engage Wellbeing
Tobacco Cessation Quit for Life UBreathe


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GP moving from UnitedHealthcare to Anthem?

Other Koch companies use Anthem for their medical plan claims administration. By combining with them, we can lower administration costs and achieve better overall pricing at doctors’ offices and hospitals. These benefits translated into our ability to slow the rate of increase in premiums and out-of-pocket costs for you.

Anthem has invested significantly in technology and human resources (like nurses, customer care and nutritionists) to support GP employees and their families.

What is the effective date of this change?

Anthem becomes our medical claims administrator on January 1, 2019.

What changes should I expect?

You should expect minimal changes because of our switch to Anthem - what’s covered by our plan does not change based on the claims administrator. Georgia-Pacific funds our medical plan and sets overall plan design including coverages and cost shares (employee-paid premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums). We are not changing deductibles or out-of-pocket maximums for 2019. We will have slight premium adjustments based on healthcare cost trends.

Will I have to change my coverage options during Open Enrollment?

We encourage you to review your coverage options annually during Open Enrollment. However, your current elections (except for Flexible Spending Account) will carry over to Anthem if you choose not to participate in this year’s Open Enrollment, which is November 1-15.

Will I need a new ID card?

Yes. All Georgia-Pacific employees will receive a new Anthem ID card in December. You will also have access to all your ID cards (for you and covered dependents) through the Engage Wellbeing app in January. Beginning in 2020, you’ll be expected to use the app for ID cards; however, physical ID cards will be provided upon request.

How I can I be sure my doctor is in the Anthem network?

There is a 96 percent network overlap between Anthem and UnitedHealthcare, which means it’s highly likely your current doctor and other healthcare providers are in the Anthem network.

For additional peace of mind, you can confirm your doctor is currently in the Anthem network:

  • Visit anthem.com, click “Individual & Family” then “Find a Doctor”
  • Under “Search as a Guest” select “Search by selecting a plan or network”
  • On the next screen, under “Search as a member” on the right side of the page, use one of the following prefixes in the “Enter ID number or prefix” box, then select “Continue” (these prefixes help connect you with the appropriate providers for the best discounts in our plan):
  • GAN – if you live in the State of Florida
  • GAQ – if you live in the State of Georgia
  • GFA – if you live in the State of Wisconsin
  • GDH – if you live in any other state
  • On the next screen, enter the criteria for your provider search, then select “Search.”

What if my doctor is not in the Anthem network?

Healthcare providers and claims administrators (like Anthem) regularly negotiate network status. If your providers/doctors are not currently in the Anthem network you can request that Anthem recruit your doctor into the network by sending an e-mail to benefits@kbslp.com with the doctor’s name, location, and your contact information. You can also call the KBSC at 877-344-5772 to make the request on your behalf. There’s no guarantee that the doctor will be willing to join the Anthem network.

If you use a doctor who is not in-network with Anthem, your claims will be processed following the ‘out-of-network’ reimbursement rates. You may also choose to switch to a doctor who is in the Anthem network.

What if I or covered family member is hospitalized at the time our carrier switches to Anthem?

In these situations, the most important consideration is the continuity of your health care. Anthem has a 96% network overlap with UHC, which means it is it is likely your healthcare provider(s) will be in the Anthem network. However, if your provider(s) is not in the Anthem network, you will need to complete UnitedHealthcare’s transition of care process by calling the number on your UHC ID card.

The transition of care process includes outreach to the hospital for inpatient situations.  Even though UHC will cover the hospitalization until discharge, the Anthem team will contact the discharge planner to let them know that Anthem will manage the discharge plan and cover you going forward.

What about pregnancy coverage and continuation of care with my current doctor?

With the Anthem/UHC network overlap, it’s highly likely your doctor is in the Anthem network. However, confirm his or her network status by following the process above. If you are pregnant, you can complete a Continuation of Care form and return it to Anthem, and Anthem will contact you. 

How will claims be processed for healthcare visits at year end 2018?

Georgia-Pacific employees who are enrolled in the medical plan have one year from the date of service to process healthcare claims. If you incur an expense in December 2018, you have until December 2019 to process the claim with UnitedHealthcare.

Will we still have health screenings as part of the GP Wellness program and can we still earn Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) credit in 2019? Will we still have wellness challenges and events?

Yes. However, you will register for screenings, learn about wellness events and track your progress through the Engage Wellbeing app and website instead of Rally.

Will tobacco use still affect the premiums I pay? Will we have new tobacco-cessation resources?

Yes. We will continue to have premium surcharges related to tobacco usage in 2019. In addition, we will partner with UBreathe (instead of Quit for Life) to bring you effective tobacco-cessation tools and support. Once you complete the UBreathe program and your participation is verified, you will be eligible for the tobacco-free premium.

Why are we moving to Engage Wellbeing?

Engage Wellbeing will make it easier to connect you with the right benefit programs and advice at the right time – all on your mobile phones and all on your schedule.

What happens to any coins I have earned by participating in wellness activities through Rally?

Since GP will not be using the Rally program for 2019, you should use all of your coins by 12/31/18 in preparation for the transition to the Engage Wellbeing program.

With the new Engage Wellbeing app, will GP have access to my personal health information?

By law, Georgia-Pacific never has access to your personal health information. Your use of the Engage Wellbeing app – and any interaction with our healthcare vendors – is strictly confidential. In addition, Anthem protects individual data consistent with HIPAA guidelines. Anthem uses encryption when transmitting sensitive information, and Anthem systems are physically secured.

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