University Recruiting FAQ’s

General Questions:

Q: How many students and new grads does GP hire?
A: Each year, GP College Recruiting hires 400+ interns, co‐ops, and new grads into our organization across a variety of businesses and capabilities.

Q: In which GP location(s) do most interns and new grads begin work right out of school?
A: While GP is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, about 70% of our workforce is employed at our nearly 300 manufacturing facilities located across the U.S. The experience that our interns, co‐ops, and new grads gain while working in an operations setting can prove to be extremely beneficial and valuable as they advance in their careers. To find additional information about the location assignments for your program or role of interest, check out our virtual brochures!

Georgia-Pacific Facilities


Q: What is the dress code at GP?
A: GP observes Business Casual Dress Guidelines as the standard expectation for attire. Our company strives to maintain a positive and professional work environment that creates a favorable impression for our employees, customers, and community. Recognizing that some employees may prefer to wear more casual attire, employees may wear jeans one day per week, with the day chosen by the employee depending on work responsibilities that day.

Please note that the policy linked above describes expectations for attire in the Atlanta corporate headquarters office from Monday through Friday. This policy may vary at our manufacturing facilities, as dictated by the safety dress requirements.

Recruiting Process

Q: What is the typical process for interviewing and hiring students?
A: GP College Recruiting will sometimes host on‐campus interviews the day following a career fair or recruiting event. However, if you are not in attendance at a career fair or recruiting event, but apply online and are selected for an interview, a GP recruiter will initiate contact directly with you. Check out our Interview Tips to help you successfully prepare! After your interview, our College Recruiting team strives to make decisions and follow‐up within 2‐5 business days.

Please note that while the above describes our “typical” process, there may be variations to the process or timelines given the unique circumstances of the job position. Additionally, due to the high volume of candidates who apply to some of our roles, GP is unfortunately unable to conduct interviews with everyone.

Q: Does GP offer relocation assistance?
A: Situationally, GP does offer relocation assistance on a need-basis. For many internships, co‐ops, and full‐time opportunities, GP will offer housing assistance or temporary living benefits. Please note that housing assistance is based on an individual’s need and unique situation; however, we are very competitive and all relocation benefits are clearly articulated at the time a job offer is extended.