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Georgia‐Pacific is one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of building products, tissue, packaging, paper, cellulose and related chemicals. The company's long‐term success is built on continuous innovation. That’s why Georgia‐Pacific places high priority on investing in industry leading technologies, individualized development and the creative minds of engineers. Here, you are an entrepreneur with the ability to share and implement new ideas for improved products, processes and operations. A diverse selection of engineering roles allows you to experience a variety of challenges. As your career moves forward, opportunities to advance across different businesses and capabilities are abundant.

Capitalize on Your Engineering Career

Georgia‐Pacific Engineers are encouraged to be principled entrepreneurs and to challenge the status quo to discover innovative solutions which will allow us to exceed our safety and production goals and maintain our competitive advantage. Engineers work with cutting‐edge manufacturing technology, and are provided countless opportunities to participate in training modules which expose them to processes vital to our business. To enable professional growth and leadership development, Engineers are given ownership of projects and tasks such as the following:

  • Investigating and evaluating long‐term compatibility of emerging technologies in the manufacturing industry
  • Fostering close working relationships with internal and external customers to optimize current technologies and create more value
  • Delivering on projects within safety, cost and schedule targets Looking for an opportunity to apply your engineering knowledge you’ve been learning in the classroom? Ready to think big and challenge the status quo? Look no further – GP needs talented engineers like you!

Looking for an opportunity to apply your engineering knowledge you’ve been learning in the classroom? Ready to think big and challenge the status quo?

Apply to the Engineering Development Program (Full-Time)

Apply to the Engineering Internship/Co-Op

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Engineering Development (Full‐Time Program)

The Engineering Development Program (EDP) is designed for college graduates who are seeking expedited training, professional development, exposure to operations leadership, and career growth. Engineers are assigned to one of our 300+ manufacturing locations and help support innovation, process efficiency, equipment reliability, and quality assurance, with a large overarching focus on compliance, health, and safety. EDP seeks talent from many engineering disciplines including (but not limited to):

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrical
  • Reliability
  • Packaging
  • Environmental

Engineering Internships & Co‐Ops

Georgia‐Pacific highly regards our Engineering Development Summer Interns and Co‐ops, not only as a valuable source of productivity and innovative ideas, but also as a source of talent from which we are able to select fulltime employees. Interns and Co‐ops are challenged with real, high‐impact opportunities to create value and make a difference in our operations. They are held to the same standard as full‐time employees and are expected to challenge the status quo, speak up, offer ideas and solutions, and also to uphold our high standards for compliance, health, and safety.

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