Areas of Investment

Georgia-Pacific focuses its investments in four areas that advance our mission and values and where we believe make the most impact in communities we serve.

Enrichment of Community

The social and economic well-being of citizens are essential to the sustainability of our communities. That’s why we invest in programs that provide: affordable housing; youth enrichment; arts and culture; job readiness training to prepare workers for success in today’s job market; and projects that help make our communities safer, such as Georgia-Pacific Bucket Brigade ™, a program that supports local fire departments.


Protecting the environment starts with everyday choices. From using resources efficiently to making products that improve lives — to bringing stakeholders together to protect our world’s most ecologically important habitats. Georgia-Pacific invests resources in initiatives that contribute to a long term, positive impact on the environment, such as resource conservation, clean air, clean water, environmental education, and recycling.


Entrepreneurs are often the spark that ignites community growth. We nurture that spirit in young people by funding educational and business programs, especially those that teach economic principles, the benefits of a free enterprise system and real-world business skills. We also support organizations for small, minority and women-owned businesses. Youth Entrepreneurs® East, a program hosted in public high schools, is proudly funded by our Foundation.


We see education as the key that unlocks potential. We support a variety of results-driven educational programs, including ones that boost literacy, get public school kids interested in STEM and train teachers so they can take their skills to the next level. Georgia-Pacific also provides funds for basics like books and grants college scholarships to students who are ready to move on to higher education.