Grant FAQs

What is the purpose of Georgia-Pacific’s Charitable Giving?

As a good corporate citizen, Georgia-Pacific creates value in its communities by addressing mutual issues of importance which improve the quality of life in the communities where our employees live and work.

What types of programs does Georgia-Pacific support?

Georgia-Pacific uses its Four Focus Areas (Four E’s): Education, Environment, Enrichment of Community and Entrepreneurship as guideposts for giving, both in terms of grants provided to nonprofit organizations and in decision-making around employee participation in company-sponsored volunteer programs. The Four E’s enables us to ensure that our charitable giving creates value and translates into strengthening our communities.

How do I know if my organization’s program or project qualifies for Georgia-Pacific funding?

The Investment Priorities and Application & Funding Criteria are taken into consideration when requests are being reviewed for consideration.

Investment Priorities

  • Aligns with GP’s mission and values
  • Aligns with GP’s Four Focus Areas of giving: Education, Environment, Enrichment of Community and Entrepreneurship
  • Serves communities where GP has manufacturing facilities
  • Creates value by contributing to and positively impacting long term well-being and sustainability of GP communities

Application & Funding Criteria

  • Request must meet the Investment Priorities
  • Requestor must successfully pass the Eligibility Quiz
  • Requestor must be a charitable, nonprofit organization as defined by section 501(c)3 of the IRS tax code; public schools; and other qualified state or local governmental entities
  • Request must support community(ies) served by GP
  • Organization must be located within 30 miles of a GP manufacturing community
    Electronic application process must be completed in its entirety, including submission of required documents

Does Georgia-Pacific have pre-determined award amounts for specific types of grants, scholarships, in-kind donations, etc.?

No. When making investment decisions, deciding what or if we will contribute, we consider the value of the program to our communities and the amount we have available to donate.

What is the deadline for submitting an electronic grant application?

Charitable contribution requests are reviewed on a rolling cycle throughout the calendar year. Due to limited funding at year-end, submission by October 31 is encouraged.

Once I submit a grant application, how long will it take to get a formal response?

A written notification will be sent to the primary contact listed on the application within 45 days of receiving your application.

Why was my grant application declined last year, although it seemed to meet the qualification criteria?

There are several reasons a grant application may be declined. Please revisit the Investment Priorities and Application & Funding Criteria to ensure the application met those guidelines. However, the specific reason for the denial is provided in the formal notification letter that was sent to the primary contact listed on the grant application.