Forcefield™ - Construction Material - Wood Sheathing Panel


If you’ve ever experienced building or renovating your own home, walking into the front door when it’s complete can be exhilarating. But, there’s also nothing that will crush that excitement more than construction delays, preventing you from that “home sweet home” feeling.

We recently introduced a new building product called ForceField™ that not only speeds up a home’s construction, but also confidently protects it from the outside elements. During construction, after framing goes up, wood sheathing for the exterior walls is installed and a weather barrier such as house wrap is applied on top. ForceField is an innovation that integrates wood sheathing panels and a weather barrier for an all-in-one product.

Why is that important? The time savings on installation is up to 37 percent. And because ForceField eliminates the need for house wrap, it also takes away extra labor costs and reduces overall installation costs. The proprietary overlay on the wood sheathing panels, which is sealed with ForceField seam tape, also keeps moisture out and prevents air from getting in. This translates to a better protected and more energy efficient home, all while meeting the latest building codes. 

This all adds up to homebuilders handing over the front door keys that much faster and more confidently. After all, in the construction business, time is money. And in the home buying business, happiness is priceless.