Georgia Pacific Crossett Paper Mill Arkansas


Georgia‐Pacific supports the Girls Engaged in Engineering program at Crossett Middle School, which provides students with learning opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Georgia‐Pacific is proud to operate more than 200 facilities in great communities across the United States and employ more than 30,000 people. We live and work in the neighborhoods around our operations, and of our facilities have been an active part of the community for decades.

Georgia‐Pacific's Crossett manufacturing operations is just one example, having been a part of this Arkansas community since 1899. Generations of employees have lived, worked and played in this rural area, located in southeastern Arkansas near the Ouachita River.

Today, we employ approximately 1,250 people at Crossett who make tissue, paper and paperboard products for use in your home and in places you visit such as office buildings, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and airports.

The mill’s humble beginning, however, started as the Crossett Lumber Company founded at the turn of the century. Georgia‐Pacific purchased the facility in 1962, and the mill started making tissue products a year later. In 1969, a chemical facility was added to make and sell the byproducts from the paper process.

We’ve invested significantly in our Crossett operations, including more than $250 million in advanced papermaking technology in 2010. In addition, spending on environmental improvements at the mill has totaled more than $15 million over the last few years and work is already under way or planned for additional projects during the next several years. All of these projects are part of efforts to modernize our facility and continue reducing our environmental impact.

Our view is that we don’t just employ local citizens. We work and live in the Crossett community, and we take our commitment to the communities around us very seriously. Many of our employees own property near our operations, and many of our future employees are being educated in nearby schools. It is imperative that we don’t stop at merely being a good local citizen or an economic boost – we also must invest in our communities.

There’s also so much more to us than operating responsibly. That’s why you’ll find us supporting local Crossett schools, teaching children about science and nature, supporting students going to college, donating funds for fire fighters and emergency responders so they can better protect the community, stocking the local food pantry for those less fortunate – just to name a few.

While we operate in more than 30 states in hundreds of communities, we call each one home. For more than four generations, GP and Crossett have been connected by a bond that’s been good for the community and good for the company.