Arkansas Lumber Operation Completes $40 Million Expansion


Georgia‐Pacific celebrates the $40 million expansion of its local lumber operation with employees and city and county leaders in Gurdon, Arkansas. Photo courtesy of the Arkadelphia Alliance.

In a celebration with community leaders, Georgia‐Pacific recently marked the completion of an approximately $40 million expansion at its Gurdon, Arkansas, lumber operations. The investment expands the production capacity of the lumber mill by approximately 60 percent and positions the facility for long‐term success. The expansion also includes the installation of a new continuous dry kiln, a state‐of‐the‐art planer mill, as well as related infrastructure improvements.

“After a lot of hard work and dedication by our talented team in Gurdon, we are excited to celebrate the completion of our expansion project at our Gurdon lumber operations,“ said Fritz Mason, vice president and general manager for Georgia‐Pacific lumber. “Our investment at Gurdon moves the facility to a top‐tier asset and extends our ability to meet the growing needs of our customers. It also demonstrates our commitment to the building products industry, family forest landowners and other local wood suppliers and to the Gurdon community.“

Georgia‐Pacific is also working to complete additional investments, totaling approximately $10 million, at the nearby Gurdon plywood mill that will increase the mill's efficiency and capacity, as well as further reduce air emissions.

“Georgia‐Pacific is among the largest employers in southern Arkansas,“ said Mike Preston, executive director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.“This expansion ensures the company has the space and infrastructure that will allow them to continue to thrive in the state. We appreciate Georgia‐Pacific's commitment to doing business here as this is a company that provides great jobs for many Arkansas families.“

Georgia‐Pacific has eight facilities in Arkansas, five of which are part of the building products division. It employs approximately 2,700 people directly in the state of Arkansas, with more than 665 people located at the Gurdon lumber and plywood operations. Total direct compensation and benefits for Arkansas employees is approximately $205 million, resulting in approximately $446 million in indirect wages and benefits.