The Journey of GP Center's Holiday Tree


Every year, the Georgia-Pacific Center Holiday Tree is a spectacle to behold. The journey of the 30-foot marvel that we see in the lobby during the holiday season is longer than one might think almost 900 miles longer! This Concolor Fir, with hints of citrus essence, ships all the way from Michigan and arrives at the GP center on Thanksgiving Day. To avoid cracked and broken branches, the tree is carefully hoisted onto a flatbed before being shipped to its destination.

Christmas Tree Georgia-Pacific Atlanta Headquarter

Once it arrives at the GP Center, the tree is trimmed again to fit the exact height of the lobby ceiling. It is then brought through the parking garage skywalk and slowly wheeled inside. Over the next day and a half, the tree is hoisted up, secured and decorated with over 12,000 lights. A total of two days of hard work leads to an entire season of holiday cheer at the Georgia-Pacific Center!

Christmas Tree Georgia-Pacific Atlanta Headquarter

Thank you to the folks at Big John’s Christmas Trees and MAGNUM Lighting for keeping this holiday tradition alive.