#SeeHer: Paving the Road for Women in Leadership


GP Women in manufacturing are paving the way for future female generations by inspiring others with their drive and through their work. We remind women with our #SeeHer initiative that if you can #SeeHer, you can be her–strength is not gender based.

“My advice to young girls is that nothing is impossible. Young women need to feel like when they grow up, they can be engineers, they can be astronauts, doesn’t matter” María Gabriela Gallardo, GP Engineer. “When people get in the way and tell you that you can’t, you just keep moving forward.”

Click on the video in the header above and tune-in as women ​in manufacturing continue to inspire futur​e leaders!

Georgia‐Pacific is committed to the #seeher initiative, an effort from more than 50 major advertisers representing 1,000 brands to eliminate bias against women in advertising and media and promote equality.