Integrated Scaling Solutions: GP and Point A Work Together to Find a Better Way

Georgia Pacific

GP operations receive about 7,000 loads of logs and wood chips for its daily manufacturing needs. In order to manage the wood and fiber materials, we’ve used traditional log scaling methods to count, weigh and inspect each ​log shipment as they came in. GP recognized this as an expensive and time-consuming part of wood and fiber purchasing. It would require an improvement that could be done through automation.

Georgia-Pacific turned to Point A – an organization that brings together leading companies, start-ups and academic institutions, resulting in improvements for supply chain methods.

The first step toward creating a solution was to determine the root causes of inefficiency in scaling. Then Point A, brought their members together through workshops and webinars to co‐create the technology. Several companies offered solutions, but Sagepath and Cogniac were selected to develop a Minimum Viable Product.

The Integrated Scaling Solutions (ISS) approach demonstrated how advanced technology and partners from different fields can find better ways to lead a more efficient and sustainable supply chain. Essentially, when we solve together, we succeed together.​

Watch the YouTube video in the header above to learn ab​out each step taken to innovate the supply chain and how an app changed an entire way of conducting business!