When Duty Calls!


The National Guard is known for its unique element of serving both community and country. GP employees that are members of the National Guard also have a unique element of being dedicated to both the community and their job—and during these uncertain times, GP is honored to shine a spotlight on one of their very own.  

Meet Eric Rant—serving as both a Colonel in the Army National Guard in Iowa with 1,2000 soldiers under his command and the Area Operations Leader (AOL) for the upper-Midwest corrugated plants including Dubuque, Oshkosh, Sheboygan, and Aurora.  Eric has been an active member of the National Guard for 25 years and during his two-year tenure with GP, this is the first time that he’s been deployed.

Source: KCCI Des Moines CBS 8

Colonel Rant and his direct team of about 40 soldiers have a mission during the COVID-19 pandemic that includes providing logistical, medical, and security support to state and local government authorities within this region of over 1.3 million people, in order to save lives, mitigate human suffering, and protect critical infrastructure—all while maintaining the health of soldiers.   

COL Eric Rant, Task Force East
     67th Troop Command

“Every National Guard soldier could tell the same story where they create unique value to both their civilian and Army employers. This is what makes being a citizen-soldier so unique. Hard, but unique,” says Rant. “The lifestyle is not easy, and the sacrifices are many, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  I am blessed to be able to work for such a supportive company like Georgia-Pacific because ​there is no way I could do my job as a commander, especially now in our great time of need, if people like my boss, John Taylor, and many others didn’t support the mission, and in the end, me and my family.”

At a time when we’re all advised to stay in our homes and practice social distancing, our military doesn’t hesitate to reach out a helping hand—and for that we truly want to say thank you. 

Thank you to Colonel Eric Rant and GP’s 2,000 plus self-identified military members. Your kind hearts and service will never go unnoticed.