Stewardship In Action

Bringing Stewardship to Life Through Our Business

Our focus on individuals and bottom-up solutions is evident in our Stewardship Framework and drives our approach to environmental, social and corporate governance that is quite different from many other companies.

Here’s how we put our Stewardship Framework into action:

Environmental Stewardship

Creating better ways to help people improve their lives while consuming fewer resources, minimizing waste and improving our environmental processes and performance is essential to the way we do business.

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Social Stewardship

We work to empower individuals to use their unique gifts to achieve their full potential, from our 30,000 employees to the thousands of philanthropic organizations we support.

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Our private ownership, investments, shared Vision, Guiding Principles, compliance standards and oversight help us focus on long-term value creation.

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In addition to our work at GP, we are proud to join Koch Industries to support Stand Together a philanthropic community partnering with individuals and organizations to tackle society’s biggest challenges.  Founded in 2003, Stand Together unites 700 business and philanthropic leaders, more than 200 community-based organizations, tens of thousands of K-12 teachers and skilled-trade educators, more than 1,000 professors at 300 universities and millions of grassroots activists.

Our Youth Entrepreneurs program is now part of the Stand Together network and is an empowered community of change-makers.

Former Georgia-Pacific employees from across the country have left GP to share their talents at Stand Together.  We are excited to see how our colleagues will help Stand Together grow.