As explained in our Koch Stewardship Framework on Governance, Georgia-Pacific’s private status allows us to make long-term decisions on how we can best work with our constituents to create more value for society overall. Since 2011, we have reinvested more than $14 billion in earnings back into our operations for growth and efficiency and environmental improvements, and we have often re-invested in weaker economic times when other companies wouldn’t because we focus on the long-term and aren’t driven by short-term earnings.

Our Albany, Georgia, lumber facility is a great example of how GP’s capital investments to grow and improve our businesses have a multiplier effect on people and communities – helping people improve their lives. Built from the ground up in 2019, the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology making it safer and more efficient, and it creates significant economic benefit for employees and the Albany area.

To honor its first anniversary in operation, the Albany lumber team created this video to showcase its impact.