The salute is a powerful gesture of respect.  It’s a way to recognize those who serve or have served our country.  It’s a powerful signal that acknowledges the bravery of those who are members of the military.  Please help us salute the many veterans who work for our company.

Alvin Henderson

U.S. Army

"One of my proudest moments was not losing any of my team overseas and having them all come home to their families."

Alvin Henderson, US Army
Lisa Szczurek, US Army

Lisa Szczurek

U.S. Army

"The military teaches you to step up, carry the load and work together to get things done. There's so much more I'm willing to try now, and the possibilities are exciting."


Tim Chatlos

U.S. Army

"When I returned from deployment and held my children, I knew exactly why I had joined the military and was proud to be a part of what protects America."

Beth Melendez

U.S. Navy

"Veterans of this country need your support. Honor them in a way that is meaningful."

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Thousands of GP employees are or have served in the U.S. military.  Visit our photo gallery to salute a veteran or to be added to our gallery.

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