Day Street Mill History

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Day Street Mill History

The Day Street Mill was originally called Northern Papers. One of the first products was called Sanitary Tissue, which was pierced with a wire loop so that it could be hung from a nail.

  • 2005

    Koch Industries, Inc. acquires Georgia-Pacific. Georgia-Pacific is a privately-held, indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries Inc.

  • 2000

    Georgia-Pacific Corporation acquired Fort James Corporation.

  • 1919

    A sixth paper machine is installed making Northern Paper mills the largest tissue manufacturer in the world. Northern products are advertised in five magazines including the Saturday Evening Post and Literary Digest.

  • 1901

    Northern Paper Mill is built at the juncture of the Fox and East rivers. In its first year, the mill employs 25 men, ships 800 tons of paper, and produces one primary product called Sanitary Tissue.