Engineering Jobs

Engineering is an important component to our operations. Georgia-Pacific recruits engineers who accept challenges, seek solutions and turn them into opportunities through innovation and process excellence.

Our Engineering Jobs

Electrical Engineers

You provide advanced engineering expertise to make your facility the safest and most reliable in the industry. You are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical equipment and control systems; providing project management and engineering support to the facility infrastructure and addressing electrical equipment or process failures.

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Process Engineers

You will evaluate facilities’ process needs and then conceive, develop and implement solutions to meet those needs. You are responsible for compliance with internal and external regulations, as well as the timely delivery of products to our customers. You will work closely with production, quality, safety, and other departments to identify improvements in our operations to maximize performance and create value.

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Process Control Engineers

You help make sure we maintain the highest-quality operations processes. You provide on-call support for the company’s production needs; develop and execute migration plans for legacy controls platforms; and work on cross-functional teams with operational, environmental, maintenance and engineering professionals throughout GP to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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Project Engineers

You manage projects throughout the production cycle, from product R&D to manufacturing processes to safety and maintenance. You are responsible for delivering the project as requested, including design, startup, construction, installation and documentation activities. This role plans and schedules project work, orders materials, tracks timing and cost, manages the team and communicates progress.

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Reliability/Maintenance Engineers

You are responsible for making sure our equipment is safe and reliable across our operations. You evaluate and redesign equipment and systems to improve performance and also design and execute programs to manage risk and reduce the impact of failures. Our reliability engineers are also skilled at condition monitoring, which ensures early detection and quick resolutions of any possible problems.

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Mechanical Engineers

You will design, develop, build and test mechanical solutions for our mills at your facility and in our supply chain. You will also support operations/maintenance to improve equipment reliability; perform analysis of failure data using statistical analysis tools; provide training on processes for employees; and work closely with your colleagues to lower cost, ensure sustainability and improve productivity.

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Chemical Engineers

Our chemical engineers drive innovation, ensure product quality and develop new products for the customers and consumers we serve. You are key members of our R&D teams. You also design processes and equipment for manufacturing; plan and test production methods; work with facility operations; and evaluate all operations within their areas of expertise for long-term value and sustainability.

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